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How to Articulate Why You Need an MBA

Past accomplishments, roles, and career goals tend to dominate the essays of the typical MBA applicant. These factors, alone, tend to take most essays over the word count, and as such, many applicants never actually share the reasons behind the paths they have taken or why they want to pursue an MBA in the first place (unless the essay prompt specifically asks). Sharing your personal motivations, and the factors that have led to the decision to attend business school,  is just as important as identifying your goals. It will help  you convincingly show that aside from having the tools  to succeed in business school,  you also have the motivation to accomplish your post-MBA goals. Articulating ones personal motivations is not as easy as it sounds, however. In many cases, applicants feel like attending business school  is just where life took them. What then are some specific steps to help you articulate why you need an MBA? Memorable Events Try recalling the highs and lows of your life, starting from childhood   these can include exciting personal triumphs, heartbreaking failures, and embarrassing mistakes. Such memorable events can   provide the Admissions Committee with great context as to why you want to pursue an MBA. Turning points for  your family such as experiencing the sudden growth or collapse of the family business can also be underlying incentives  for wanting to attend business school.  Highlighting the lessons that were  learned from any of these experiences, and sharing how these particular events have helped guide your decisions and career, will help you take the Admissions Committee  through your thinking and motivations. Not only does this exercise help you express  what drives you, but it also allows you to paint vivid pictures and present relatable details in your essays. All of these will help  bring your application to life  and  make your overall profile more interesting to your readers. Significant Feedback   Another easy way to articulate your reasons for wanting an MBA  is to remember the feedback you have received from past mentors, supervisors, or  peers at work.  Recalling this  could help you explain why you got promoted or what allowed you to accomplish certain tasks  at work, and can  even help you identify areas for personal development than an MBA would help you achieve. Articulating the feedback you have received from others will show the Admissions Committee that you are  self-aware, receptive to constructive feedback, and able to plan your next steps clearly (including the step to achieve an  MBA). Epiphanies  Experienced Finally, recollect the experiences that  opened your eyes to opportunities that you eventually took on during your career. These could include world travels, extracurricular activities, or work you did in a new or challenging environment that have led you down the MBA path. For instance, I once worked with a Canadian applicant who shared how travelling to Latin America made him realize the continent’s promising potential for his business venture.  Sharing  this epiphany  allowed the  Admissions Committee  to understand why he wanted  to pursue  a global MBA, and also displayed  his open-mindedness, reinforcing the credibility of his claim that he would greatly benefit from the multi-cultural environment of business school. The above steps are all good starting points, but to probe deeper, it would be beneficial  to have someone who can help you  ask yourself the right questions (perhaps a Veritas Prep Consultant?). Applying to business school? Call us at 1-800-925-7737 and speak with an MBA admissions expert today, or take our free MBA Admissions Profile Evaluation  for personalized advice for your unique application situation! And as always, be sure to find us on Facebook, YouTube, Google+  and Twitter. Written by Edison Cu, a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for  INSEAD. You can read  more articles by him  here.

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Children s Learning And Development - 1159 Words

Cognitive development Piaget The essay focuses on children’s learning and development. I will attempt to outline and discuss the fundamental theory of Jean Piaget who has established the foundation of childhood development. In particular I will discuss Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, Schemes, the pros and cons of his theory, the criticism of other academics in relation to Piaget’s findings and contrast them with my own observation and practice of childhood development. Jean Piaget was born in 1896 in Switzerland and died in 1980. His career in psychology spanned seven decades. He is regarded as the most influential theorist in the study of cognitive development. He wrote his first article at the age of 10 on albino sparrow he observed in a park. Piaget had three children with whom he experimented most of his research. Piaget stresses that the essential building element for cognition is the scheme. A scheme is an organised pattern of action or thought. It is a vast concept which can refer to organised patterns of physical action, for instance, an infant reaching to grasp an object or mental action for instance, a high school student thinking of how to solve a mathematical question. As children interact with the environment, individual schemes become modified, combined, and reorganised to form more complex cognitive structures. As children grow, these structures allow more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking. These, in turn, allow children to interact inShow MoreRelatedChildren s Development And Their Learning3537 Words   |  15 Pagesorder to aid children through their development. There are three key principles; Planning, Teaching and Assessment (Education Scotland, 2011). Throughout this essay I will focus on how these principles affiliate children’s development and their learning. Two English Lessons completed during the introductory placement will underpin this evaluation. Planning At the core of any planning lies the National Curriculum. Before Planning can even begin a teacher must know what the children need to learnRead MoreChildren s Learning, Well -being And Development1344 Words   |  6 PagesEducational Psychologists are concerned with children`s learning, well -being and development. A child or young person may experience barriers to their learning, for example learning difficulties like dyslexia, persistent absenteeism, and low levels of confidence and self- esteem. Their role is to help manage or eradicate these barriers altogether in order for the child to progress with their learning. They also assess, help and support children who have challenging behaviour. They will visit a schoolRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On Children s Learning And Development Essay1587 Words   |  7 Pageshaving a negative effect on children’s learning and development (Lodge, 2014). Therefore, it is crucial that schools and teachers are aware, understand and e ducated on how bullying can impact children’s learning and development; to be able to effectively implement policies, respond, educate and eliminate bullying in the school environment. The purpose of this report is to highlight how bullying is a growing issue that affects children’s learning and development in Australian primary schools. The reportRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On Children s Learning And Development Essay1002 Words   |  5 Pages2. Findings Bullying in Australian primary schools is a current issue affecting children’s learning and development (Ladd et al., 2012) The impact of bullying and how it effects children’s learning and development is based on the findings discussed below; bullying, types of bullying, factors contributing to bullying and the potential effects of bullying in relation to children’s learning and development in the primary school setting. 2.1 Bullying As stated by Bullying. No Way! (2016) and Rigby (2011)Read MoreSocialisation And Its Impact On Children s Learning And Development2834 Words   |  12 Pages Socialisation and its Impact on Children s Learning and Development Nirmita Christian Swinburne Online University â€Æ' Abstract In all over the world children are adapted into different cultures and we know that the cultures differ from place to place. Throughout a person’s phase of life, the reactions of others influence and modify their behaviour at all times. As a child grows, they advance in different areas and different manners. Each parent socializes their child into their own patterns and instilsRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Emotional Learning On Children s Development2192 Words   |  9 Pagesits role in early childhood contexts Social emotional learning (SEL) is the ability to recognise, manage, and express social emotional aspects of life. SEL is also a key component of children’s healthy cognitive development and is important in creating a strong foundation for future academic success. According to Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning [CASEL] (2008), SEL refers to the process that supports children to develop the fundamental social and emotional competenciesRead MoreRole Of A Senior Practitioner With Children s Learning Development Stages1472 Words   |  6 PagesA child’s learning and development stages start from his birth and continue till he reaches the age of 15 to 16 years. The most significant years when a child starts to understand the world around him, and starts to make sense of his carers is usually from birth to age 5. From birth to age 5, the learning and development stages are kept at under strict eye by the carers since it is important to see that all the activities of the child are monitored and that the child is growing in the right way.Read MoreThe Importance Of Quality Care For Children s Healthy Development And Learning826 Words   |  4 Pages1. As you have been learning, quality care is crucial to promoting healthy development. Using at least three examples from the â€Å"Introduction† media segment, explain how relationships and interactions provide the cornerstone of quality care and why quality care during these early years must be a priority. 2. According to Gonzalez-Mena and Widmeyer Eyer, a â€Å" respectful and responsive curriculum is based on relationships that occur within planned and unplanned activities, experiences, and happenings†Read MoreHow Parenting Styles Influence Children s Learning And Development1976 Words   |  8 PagesAs we have discovered, children are active learners from birth and parents are seen as children’s first educators. â€Å"Children of all ages need encouragement, adequate nutrition, shelter, parental interest in their schooling, and consistency in rules and expectations† (Barnes, 2006; Mental Health America, 2009, in Lamanna, Reidmann and Stewart, 2014:230) this should be in correspondence to the child’s age or development level. This chapter is going to explore theory from Baumrind to discover how differentRead MoreMy Resource And How It Supports Children s Learning And Development2252 Words   |  10 Pagesabout my resource and how it supports childrenâ₠¬â„¢s learning and development. The resource that I have made is a book. The concept of my book is based on a fairy tale story. Throughout this essay, I will be answering why was the resource made, who is the target audience, because of the target audience what was prepared specially in the resource, what techniques will be used to make it engaging and fun, how it would support children’s learning and development and lastly produce an overall summary on how

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Teaching Methods For An Educator - 1627 Words

The ability to read is the utmost significant factor behind a child’s educational outcome, thus for an educator to impart the skills of literacy on to a student is the most important aspect of primary school education. The art of reading is a multifaceted process that expands on spoken language, it requires the mastering of a progressive set of skills which nurture a phonemic and Phonological awareness, builds a proficiency in decoding competencies and requires the capability to implement comprehension strategies. An insight into these skills are outlined within a framework comprised of six dynamics commonly referred to as ‘the big six’. These foundation elements are essential in the reading process, and the means in which these skill sets†¦show more content†¦Doing this helps a teacher plan learning experiences that best harmonises with the needs of the child (Winch, Johnston, March, Ljungdahl, Holliday, 2014). It is good practise to retain these assess ment results as the commencement of a running record on each child. Utilising running records enables teachers to secure a comprehensive and accurate assessment of a student’s reading ability (Department of Education and Child Development, 2012). As this assessment information follows the progression of a student’s reading development throughout their primary years it helps identify children that are struggling early in their journey (Department of Education and Child Development, 2012). Determining a student’s level of phonological awareness, does the student hear, analyse and manipulate the sounds and syllables of spoken words? Do they understand speech is a combination of separate words? Does the child distinguish the individual sounds or phenomes that form syllables? Can they identify rhyming words? Do they blend or exchange sounds to make new word combinations? These are the questions educators need to firstly find answers too and secondly teach in order to tutor children in reading (Reid Lyon, 2008). It is crucial to build upon a child’s phonemic awareness, if children struggle to isolate the sounds of spoken word, it will be difficult for them to relate these sounds to their represented letters (FellowsShow MoreRelatedTeaching Phonics Is An Essential Part Of A Child s Education1641 Words   |  7 Pages Understanding phonics is an essential part of a child’s education, as the knowledge they develop will assist them to read and write. Educators must have an understanding of phonics to teach it effectively. Teachers need to support students to learn what sounds, letters make, which is a phoneme. Educators also need to assist students to make the connection with the letters and their names, which is called graphemes (Tompkins, Campbell, Green, Smith, 2015, p. 142). Understanding that each letterRead MoreEducators Perceptions Of Debriefing1613 Words   |  7 PagesEducators’ Perceptions of Debriefing While developing and completing a simulation experience for students is an significant role for educators, knowing how to debrief students following a simulation has been deemed as equal if not more important because the majority of learning occurs during this time period (Mariani, et al., 2013). Educators have identified varying methods of debriefing, but most of them have central themes. Most methods include some form of â€Å"critique, correction, evaluationRead MoreStudent Motivation And Academic Success1568 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant for teachers to attempt to connect with students in the classroom. Adjusting instructional methods that focus on students’ learning preferences/styles can increase student motivation and can lead to academic success.   Studies have been conducted to determine if teaching methods, learning preferences/styles and motivation can predict academic success in college. Some of the challenges facing educators in college classrooms across t he nation include: how to make valuable connection with studentsRead MoreMy Philosophy On Education : My Goals As An Educator978 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy on Education My goal as an educator is to develop a strong personal relationship with each and every one of my students’. In doing this, my students should feel comfortable coming to me with a problem they may be facing. I want my students to be critical thinkers. I want my students to have the desire to learn and to question everything. I feel that if there is a lot of interaction going on between my students and I; learning is happening. The teaching method that I would be incorporating intoRead MoreEmerson Rhetorical Analysis Essay595 Words   |  3 PagesEducation is damaged and he knows of a solution – the educators. He develops this claim by first introducing the paradox linking â€Å"Genius and Drill†, expressing his ideal method of teaching. Throughout the essay, Emerson tends to have a condemning tone against the educator but towards the end he changes it into a comforting one. Emerson’s purpose is to present an alternative style of teaching in order to persu ade educators to use the teaching method by using paradoxes, rhetorical questions, and shiftsRead MoreThe Benefits Of Active Learning And Student Centered Teaching Strategies Improve Motivation And Performance Among Nursing Students1173 Words   |  5 Pagesnurse educators faced in engaging students and cultivating new nursing graduates with skills benefitting societal and professional sustainability. The aim of this paper is to determine by integrative review whether active learning and student-centered teaching strategies improve motivation and performance among nursing students. Active learning strategies such as reflection, simulation, and feedback can increase motivation to learn in nursing students. Acknowledging successful teaching strategiesRead MoreThe Role Of Nurse Educator Essay1132 Words   |  5 Pagesnew to the role of nurse or educator, but to the role of nursing educator. My motivation to teach future generations of nurses prompted my transition from a clinical nurse to an academic nurse educator. My interest in teaching comes from my own positive experiences as an undergraduate student and from a love of learning. My educational philosophy is a work in progress as I continue to grow as a nurse, educator, and scholar of nursing education. As a novice nursing educator today, I plan on progressingRead MoreOverview of Education in Health Care1171 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Care Historical Foundations of the Nurse Educator Role †¢ Health education has long been considered a standard care-giving role of the nurse. †¢ Patient teaching is recognized as an independent nursing function. †¢ Nursing practice has expanded to include education in the broad concepts of health and illness. Organizations and Agencies Promulgating Standards and Mandates: 1. NLNE (NLN) ï‚ § first observed health teaching as an important function within the scope of nursing practice Read More Philosophy of Teaching Essay1107 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy of Teaching Twelve years ago, I was not interested in becoming a teacher. I was content with my life. Then, I had two wonderful children. As they became school age, my opinion of teachers was immensely altered. I have spent countless hours within my children’s school, became personally connected to the wonderful individuals who were their teachers, and developed a respect for these tireless workers. These individuals have created a desire within me to enhance children’s lives andRead MoreImproving Student Motivation And Performance Are Improved With Active Learning And Student Centered Teaching Strategies1180 Words   |  5 Pages(McGarry, Theobald, Lewis, Coyer, 2015, p. 967). The researchers understood the challenges nurse educators faced in engaging students and cultivating new nursing graduates with skills benefitting societal and professional sustainability. The aim of this paper is to determine by integrative review whether nursing student motivation and performance are i mproved with active learning and student-centered teaching strategies. Active learning strategies such as reflection, simulation, and feedback can increase

Bringing up baby Essay Example For Students

Bringing up baby Essay Screwball comedy shows irreverence for love associated with childish. For instance, comments such as, Stand still, Godfrey. Itll all be over in a minute, as Carole Lombard says to William Powell as their characters are about to be wed in My Man Godfrey demonstrates the ridiculousness and childishness of the upper classes. She seems almost his mother, chiding an impatient and antsy child, and neither of them seems to understand the gravity of their situation, a fact that would not escape the original viewers. It is almost as though they were children playing at getting married, not thinking about the fact that marriage comes with commitments and responsibilities. Many times the adult thing to do is talk about your feelings, no matter how hard that is, and in Love Crazy, if Steve just told Susan exactly what happened at Isobels apartment and what they did, all the craziness could be avoided. Similarly, in The Awful Truth, if Jerry just told Lucy what he did in California and both discussed their strong doubts and feelings, they would have never jumped to erroneous conclusions as to each others faithfulness and ended up divorced. In His Girl Friday, if Walter just admitted that his love for Hildy was stronger than his love for his work, Hildy would never have left and theyd been together before the movie had even started. All their troubles could be avoided if they were just honest and spoke out about what went on inside them instead of playing such extravagant games and expecting themselves and others to jump through ridiculous hoops. In the world of Screwball Comedy, such actions are triggered by an association with the freedom of childhood. (Gehring, p.38) It is their inherent desire to be selfish that keeps them from doing the greater good. Childish behavior would coincide with Steve being impatient about getting his anniversary sex at the end of the night and therefore ruining the night by convincing Susan to do it in reverse, Jerry demanding answers about the Lucys relationship with her teacher but not feeling any responsibility for his actions in California, or Walters concern for making money and getting his girl but complete unconcern with the greater good of society or Hildys feelings. It can be seen that childishness is their inability to contain their composure and retain control over their own desires instead of letting their desires controlling them. Byrge and Miller compliment Gehring in his attempt to capture the characteristics that would describe a childlike nature to the Screwball comedy characters by describing them as, The innocently aggressive, noisily silly, endearingly defiant, and happily destructive way that little children at play repeatedly disturb the peace and boredom of adults vain attempts at domestic tranquility (2). This childishness and inability to accept adult life is one of the most marked elements of a screwball comedy. Romantic comedies take the exact opposite approach to this question. Instead of reverting to childish antics, such as in a screwball comedy, they hold that adult behavior is a more desirable way to live by. Elements such as careers, morality, truth and the feelings of others play into the decision making. For instance, in My Best Friends Wedding, the heroine Julianne and her gay best friend lie on her bed and discuss the moral and ethical ramifications of stealing a groom from his bride and thus destroying another couples wedding in order to satisfy Juliannes selfish desires. This kind of rational discourse is nonexistent in the screwball world. In fact, in the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby, Grant must make the decision between a normal, safe relationship from which he is already committed to or the zany, unpredictable life with the comic anti-heroine. Comparison of Ambulances and First sight EssayWhile he does the right thing according to society, yet he is still always wrong. No one remembers his name and in the very end he gets locked up in the asylum with no one to save him. In a traditional film in which traditional marriage and gender roles were maintained, the husband would not be weak and the strong men in the film would end up well, not in a mental institution. The last questioning of conventional marriage comes in the form of a strong, assertive woman. All the power in the film lies with Susan, Steves wife. In a completely satiric reversal of roles, she is an uncontrollable force, and, rather than being passive in the stereotype of women at that time, she moves the entire story along by herself. Everything is done according to Susans word; she asks for the divorce, she hooks up with Ward, and she sends Steve to the insane asylum. Screwball comedy is entirely female driven, with an eccentric heroine saving an antiheroic leading man from a rigid lifestyle. A classic example is when Hepburns love rescues Grant from his mundane career and equally sterile fianci e in Bringing Up Baby. In addition, the inevitability of the screwball heroines victory is nicely summarized in Lady Eve, when Henry Fonda learns the moral of the screwball comedy: when you think, consider or try to understand, you lose. By considering the morality of being with Barbara Stanwyck, he ends up unhappy and sets himself into a wacky cascade of screwball moments brought about by our heroines thirst for revenge. Every time Fonda throws a quote such as The difference between man and beast is the ability to understand, he learns facts he didnt want to know, such as how many men Stanwyck had been with before him. Fonda doesnt truly learn his lesson until at the end where he finally says, I dont want to understand. Still, the genre also has room for the antiheroic screwball heroine who wins despite herself. In Bringing Up Baby, Hepburn ruins Grants car, ruins his golf game, and loses his opportunity at getting the million dollars grant, and even destroys the brontosaurs exhibit (symbolically the last vestiges of his academic rigidity), but in the end Grant still falls in love with her. Eventually, she both loosens up the classically rigid male and frees him from a domineering, deadening fianci e. This female dominated relationship is not so apparent in romantic comedies The screwball heroine has lost some of her allure. Sleepless in Seattle borrows from screwball comedy without really becoming a part of the screwball genre itself, because it lacks double entendres, fast talk, and the mock adultery. Despite having zany situations and a romantic plot, Sleepless in Seattle is an addition to the romantic comedy genre (Shumway).

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis essay Example For Students

The Syrian Refugee Crisis essay Sometimes a person is forced to leave their countries because of some political or religious reasons, or, even when he or she is under the threat of war. The group of people who are vulnerable to such unexpected changes is called the refugee one. A sufficient number of countries extort their citizens to move in nowhere; however, Syria is at the top of the refugee movement. The figures speak for themselves since from 19.5 million worldwide refugees; the Syrian share is 5.1 million individuals as accounted for by the end of 2014. The problem is that the number of countries which are willing to host such a great number of people is dramatically decreasing. Therefore, it is pretty difficult for the refugee agencies to supply each citizen with high-quality living conditions. The Main Adversity of the Syrian Issue The refugee crisis is caused by the most dramatic Syrian conflict. The war has affected the society in a badly uncompromising way. Though Syrian families have been striving to preserve their homes, a sufficient number of family members has been killed. As a result, citizens have been forced to move with the only bag in their hands, leave their homes, and be exposed to the constant search for accommodation. We will write a custom essay on The Syrian Refugee Crisis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Anti-governmental demonstrations which occupied the country in 2011 escalated the conflict which brought the government crack. The issue is under pressure till 2018 since lots of religious and secular groups deteriorate the conflict including the on political matter. The worst thing is that this intransigent clash killed hundreds or even thousands of innocent people. It is not the only problem because all the aspects of social life have been undermined. Desertification of big cities has become a common issue. Human rights have been violated, and this matter is dramatically increasing. All the necessities including medications, food, water, energy are sparse. The Refugees’ Message to the Worldwide Citizens The truth is that there is not enough assistance to all the refugees. Though the lions share of humanitarian organizations is keeping up with preserving refugees in respectable conditions of living, it is not enough. Many Syrian children are in need of basic clothes, food. While speaking about education, it is worth noting that refugees move to other countries and apply for low-sort positions because of not getting the basic educational level since they do not go to school even in the host country. As a result, the refugees are exposed to poverty and have no opportunity of getting a higher education. The refugees’ well-being directly depends on the united nations which are supposed to offer the Syrian refugees, at least, home. The result of such a kindhearted action will definitely reflect in the future. Our main task is to debunk the myths that many people feel the pain from becoming refugees since they are exposed to be the examples of the causes of the Syrian refugee crisis. Moreover, those who are not aware of the Syrian refugee crisis have to be informed on the multi-national level. Perhaps, more people will get compassionate.

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Lets Keep Some of the Old Verb Forms

Lets Keep Some of the Old Verb Forms Lets Keep Some of the Old Verb Forms Lets Keep Some of the Old Verb Forms By Maeve Maddox When it comes to some irregular verbs, I really hate to see the old past participle forms regularized to the dominant -ed ending. Heres an odd regularization of split: Data is splitted between the protocols HTTP and FTP. To be fair, I found this example on a site belonging to a company based in Germany. Its a logical mistake for a non-native English speaker. Split is one of those rare verbs that never changes its form: Today they split the data. Yesterday they split the data. The data is split between protocols. The data has been split. This next example is from an online chat: the Rabbi of Bardichevalways seeked to judge Jews favorably As far as I can tell, the site is based in the U.S. The person who typed this sentence is well-educated. I have no way of knowing if hes a native English speaker, but Im pretty sure that he is. It may be that seek is undergoing the same change as slay. Ive often expressed my aversion to slayed as the simple past of slay, to kill. I much prefer the forms slay, slew, (have) slain. Ill continue to use the old forms in my own writing, but I realize that many other writers are going with the -ed forms. Unlike slayed, Ive never seen seeked before. I hope this is just a personal aberration. The -ed change has already taken place with seeks cousin, beseech: to beg urgently. Both words derive from Old English secan, visit, inquire, pursue. He beseeched her to change her mind raises no hackles for me, although I might still find a use for besought in my writing. What do readers think? Should all English verbs be regularized to -ed forms? Or do you have old-fashioned favorites youd hate to see make the change? Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Beautiful and Ugly WordsThe Letter "Z" Will Be Removed from the English AlphabetEnglish Grammar 101: Prepositions

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Did women have a Renaissance in Early Modern Europe Essay - 2

Did women have a Renaissance in Early Modern Europe - Essay Example This period also saw the cropping up of secularism in which people started focusing on worldly ideas and ignored God (Kreis, 1). Life became something to enjoy and not a difficult journey to heaven as it was before. Renaissance was more defined among men than it was to women. Everywhere across Europe, women were not accorded respect. They were placed under the shadow of their husband by the ancient society. They had limited education, enlightenment and exposure. Their husband restricted them to domestic activities as it was recommended by the society. Even with the early European modernization, women still lagged behind in the society where men led. During the early modernization in Europe, women had no renaissance because they had no enough experience. They were characterized with less knowledge compared to men due to their low education. Although many schools were opened during renaissance, they were attended by men (Kelly-Gadol, 24). This restricted women from getting adequate education that could give them renaissance. Most of the women remained at home to run all domestic chores. Only women from wealthy families could get higher education as they could afford private teachers. These were however restricted from learning some things such as man art. All the stakeholders in the education sectors and decision makers could not allow women in schools because society did not allow women to participate in public activities (Kelly-Gadol, 15). At his time going to school was taken to be a public activity. The educated women tried to set the example to the uneducated. This challenged them to work hard to be educated although even wi th their education they were seen lesser than men. The learned women could remarry when widowed as the case in lecturer 1 where a woman widowed four times was still looking for a husband. In arts, the women artists had similar background as the only those from wealthy families could be allowed to be artists (Clare,